Streamline your sales cycle and quickly setup new merchant accounts with our online Easy Merchant Web Form. This drop-in web form creates a customer-facing application that can be added to your website through a button value code or hyperlink. Simply create the application template and drop the code into your website wherever you want your customers to sign up for the service!  


You can:

  • Create the application template in the back-office portal
  • Copy the code for the form and place it on your website
  • Direct Merchants to your website to complete the application


The application is automatically submitted to our team for approval and within 24 hours your customer is ready to process payments!  You can even setup multiple applications for different services and pricing structures.


If you are looking for more customization than our easy merchant web Form, try our robust FirstOnBoard API. This web-based API gives you the ability to create a full-featured website for submitting applications and the flexibility to control every aspect of your customer signup experience from start to finish. 


Benefits include:

  • Full API toolkit for complete control of the user interface and customer experience
  • Freedom to customize the look and feel to match your branding and platform functionality
  • Detailed explanations of required fields and sample codes for simple, fast development
  • Applications can be automatically submitted for approval and setup


Have questions? We are happy to help! Contact us for more information.

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