Full Stack Payment Integration API




Easy. Customizable. Secure.

A SaaS Full Stack API that allows you to integrate online, retail and mobile payments with a snippet of code.


It's easy to get started:

  • Contact us to set up your sandbox account 
  • Select the payment features that fit your system
  • Choose your preferred API Language 
  • Start Developing!

Why Use our Payment API?



  • Simple, easy to use API for faster integration and enhanced productivity so you can get to market faster
  • Detailed instructions with sample code and attributes reduce development time and expense
  • Unlimited access to out 24/7 U.S. based customer service and on-going technical support
  • GitHub code repository with updated samples and contributions 


  • Create fully customized payment modules to fit your unique system requirements
  • Streamlined development with our multi-language API’s including coding for PHP, Python, Ruby, JavaScript, and WCF
  • Query transaction data for customized reporting and analytics
  • Customize the look and feel of your payment pages with easy-to-use CSS skins 


  • Fraud protection and tokenization keep credit card data safe and secure!
  • Information is entered on our secure PCI-DSS compliant server to reduce PCI scope and cost, improving customer confidence and data security.
  • Data is only transmitted to our secure servers saving you PCI headaches. 

Additional Features:


Flexible Recurring Payments allow you to charge customers on a variety of frequencies. Charge the card once and it will automatically be charged again at the frequency you designate.



Keep your customers’ information up to date. With Account Updater, 1stPayBlaze will automatically update credit card information such as expiration dates or new card numbers so you have less credit card declines due to dated credit card information.



Accept ACH payments with 1stPayBlaze. With scheduled payments and automated notifications, it’s easier than ever to manage ACH payments! Ideal for gyms, daycares and more!

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