Reporting at Your Fingertips




Portfolio Reporting

Manage and grow your business from anywhere with our cloud-based Daily Dashboard solution.  This back-office portal provides you with detailed information on every aspect of your business including:


  • Real-time processing data from all of your customers
  • Status updates on new and pending applications
  • Residual tracking and exportable residual reports
  • Pricing models utilizing multiple pricing methods to forecast income and maximize revenue


Have a sales team? You can also create sales personnel profiles for each team member and track individual performance.

Merchant Reporting

You and your customers need to stay on top of your sales. Complement your product with our FirstView® portal and give your customers full access to detailed reporting features 24/7/365. FirstView is easy to navigate and provides a broad range of information including:


  • Easy to read graphs for tracking sales and performance
  • Processing volume by day, week, or month
  • Detailed transaction data down to individual transaction
  • Customized views and ability to export reports
  • Account notifications and chargeback information
  • Monthly processing statements


Need to customize your merchant reporting or present it on your own website? No problem! We have a reporting API available for you to use that will allow you complete reporting flexibility.

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